Frequently Asked Questions

Will your Wireless Tachometer work with my VW engine, 4BT/6BT engine, Humvee engine, Marine diesel engine, Ford Pinto engine, construction Diesel engine, 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder engine, etc.?

Our wireless and direct wire tachometer systems work on a very simple principle. Two or four magnets (depending on the tachometer product) are attached to an engine’s drive pulley, harmonic balancer, or motor shaft. Then a ferrite transducer (the tachometer sensor) attached to a bracket is placed in the path of the magnet rotation. Pulses are produced when the magnet passes by the sensor, and these are transmitted via the Rf Transmitter or the direct wire cable to the tachometer gauge. If you have access to your engine’s drive pulley, harmonic balancer, or motor shaft for magnet attachment, then our tachometer products should work. An example of what would not work is motorcycle engines (no access to the engine’s drive pulley or motor shaft).

I broke off my magnets and/or sensor head. Do you have replacements?

Yes, we have a sensor/Magnet replacement kit that costs $15. If your tachometer is less than a year old, we will send you a replacement kit free of charge.

What is the maximum range of your wireless tachometer?

Our self-powered wireless tachometer transmitter has a free space transmission range of approximately 10 meters. It is considerably less when the transmitter is placed in a confined engine compartment. It is not recommended for RVs, Buses, Marine engines, and construction equipment where there is significant distance (more than 8ft) between the engine and tachometer receiver gauge. Our direct wire tachometer gauge would be a better choice in these cases. These gauges come with either 8ft or 12ft cable lengths, but custom lengths can be ordered.

Do you ship your tachometer products to Germany, Canada, Slovenia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, etc.?

Currently we do not have a mechanism on our website for overseas shipping. However, this is our top business priority for our website upgrade in the first quarter of 2024. If one of our Tachometer products is needed before our website is updated, we can work out shipping costs via email on a case-by-case basis.

Will your Universal Wireless Tachometer Conversion kit work with my Autometer, Ford, Diesel, etc. tachometer gauge?

Our Universal Wireless Tachometer Conversion Kit works with most four-wire ignition type and three wire Diesel type aftermarket tachometer gauges. At our Jennova Inc. testing lab, we have tested many aftermarket tachometers, and almost all worked well with our system. One exception is motorcycle tachometer gauges.

Is the Diesel tachometer gauge or shift light tachometer gauge Dashboard mounted or pedestal mounted? How are these gauges mounted?

Currently all our Diesel tachometer products (wireless and direct wire) are dashboard mounted. The shift light gauge is pedestal mounted. The dashboard mounted gauges come with a mounting bracket. The Shift light gauge comes with Screws, Velcro pads, and cable ties, giving the customer three options for mounting this product.

What components or parts are needed for the installation of your tachometer products?

All the parts, cables, fasteners, and hardware needed for the installation of our tachometer products come with the installation kit (included with the tachometer product).

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